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Vertically integrated production

Victoria S.A. has been constructing sheet metal products of the highest quality since 1967. We punch, bend, weld, paint and assemble sheet metal products using state of the art CNC machinery and software in all phases of production. Combined with a highly specialized and motivated workforce, we produce end products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in the most productive and effective way.

Social Responsibility

Victoria S.A. budgets a considerable amount of funds annually for the support of various local activities that have a positive social impact. Donations to education, athletic, environmental and social institutions are made on a regular basis.

Investment Planning

Every year, Victoria S.A. has aimed for and achieved double-digit growth. In order to reach and accomplish this long-term target, the company:

  • keeps at least 20% of its annual profits to invest back into land, machinery and buildings;
  • owns enough land to more than double its production space, if required;
  • has been self financing all investments for the past 10 years;
  • plans a further expansion of its production space enriched with new machinery and automated processes.